The Personal Productivity StackScape™

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“Technology is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant.” Brian Tracy Brian Tracy got it right in his classic time management book “Eat that frog!” We all want technology to help us get things done faster and better, but way too often, it’s a time-consuming distraction. How time-consuming? Let’s look at some stats: The average iPhone user unlocks his phone … Read More

The CRO StackScape™

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[last update of this post: April 19, 2017] Conversion rate optimization may be the marketing discipline that has the most technology to choose from. While doing research for my landing page best practices article I’ve stumbled over more than a 100 tools you could relate to CRO. 69 of these solutions made it in today’s StackScape™, spread over the following 10 categories: … Read More

Introducing the StackScape™

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The idea for the StackScape™ hit me in February 2017, while preparing my SMX West presentation about SEM tools. I was pondering on two extremes of the same spectrum: How overwhelming technology landscapes can be, such as Scott Brinker’s MarTech supergraphic and LUMA Partners’ LUMAscapes. How beautiful and well-thought-out individual tech stacks can be, such as these Stackie Award winners. This made me think: … Read More